Training your pets
We are sure you have heard that dogs are a man’s best friend. That’s pretty much true. They are there when you just need a comforting presence, they lend a ear when you want to talk, they provide company on long walks and they even play with and tire the kids when you need some quiet time.

Having a confident, friendly and obedient dog by your side is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. And that’s where we at Trained Paws come in. With over 20 years of experience in raising dogs, we have had our fair share of mistakes and ‘aha!’ moments to talk about.

We have tried to cover most of the dog related training queries and included practical tips to help you understand your pooches better. Our Youtube Channel, consists of videos we have either sourced from our preferred partners or those which we think are quite useful for you. Like most pet owners we bought our first puppy home with lot of excitement and the ‘have to do it right’ kind of attitude. We had done our research and were fairly confident that we will get things right. We managed to house train our puppy in 8 days, and that’s a fantastic turnaround time. It also showed us, how smart he was. Just to make sure we were doing everything right, we proceeded to hire our first trainer to train our golden retriever.

The first time the trainer, came home, he looked at ‘Casper’ (our first golden) maybe once and then proceeded to spend an hour just taking us through the nitty-gritties of dog training. At the end he asked us, how is he on the leash. We thought he could walk a little better and asked the trainer to take him for a walk and teach him. He looked at us quizzically and said “Why? Casper doesn’t have to listen to me; he has to listen to you! So you take him for a walk and I will follow you.” Casper walked exactly the way a dog shouldn’t walk – He went left, sometimes right and sometimes so close to our feet, that we almost walked over him. He pulled, strained on the leash, lagged behind and stopped so abruptly to smell the lamp post that we tripped and fell. At the end of the walk we weren’t sure who was walking whom. We gave the trainer an exasperated look and he just smiled back, and we were sure he was wondering if these owners were way in over their heads.

As Casper grew older, at about 7 months on, he started testing the boundaries with us. From running away and not coming back when called, to chewing the bathroom door when we were at work, he did everything wrong. To tame his energy we would walk him for an hour, two times a day in a place where he had a free run, and would ensure he was mentally and physically exhausted when he came back home. But even that didn’t stop his destructive chewing.

By the time he was 9 months, we knew he had to learn to be a good boy and we took matters into our own hands.  We started by changing our approach to him and he in turn rewarded us with an amazing outcome.

In the months to come, Casper turned out to be the most obedient, caring and faithful companion we could ever have. He would walk through a crowded place, not once looking towards another dog, or thinking of running away; he would become a pony for our kids and sometimes even a rag doll; he would be everyone’s best friend and to his credit converted a lot of pet averse people to absolute dog lovers; He walked at our pace, side by side, for years to come. And every time we saw a dog walking their owners, we would smile and reminisce about Casper’s days. Those owners would come up to us and say, “Oh, we wish our dog could do that…”. And hence we bring you Trained Paws. We have tried these techniques on the puppies we got home to expand our family and it has worked every single time.

Hope you find our training tips useful. If you have any queries or would like to read about something we haven’t mentioned, please feel free to contact us.

To get you started, we have compiled an eBook, addressing some of the common behavioral problems you may encounter with your dog. Get it today…